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What Factors Should Be Considered In Selecting The Sample Filter?
- Feb 04, 2019 -

The main function of sample filter (Quzhou Laiping Technological Supply) is to intercept particles, bacteria and other impurities from gas or liquid phase in order to achieve the purpose of separation, purification and purification. Therefore, the following factors should be taken into account when selecting the sample filter (Quzhou Laiping Technological Supply):

1. Material Material (Chemical Compatibility) of Sample Filter (Quzhou Laiping Technological Supply): When selecting Sample Filter (Quzhou Laiping Technological Supply), chemical compatibility should be considered first. Whether the filter is acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, organic solvents, etc.

2. The pore size of sample filter (Quzhou Laiping Technological Supply): For chromatographic column systems using 3-micron or larger particle size fillers, the ELISA kit can use 0.45-micron sample filter (Quzhou Laiping Technological Supply); for chromatographic systems with less than 3-micron fillers, or chromatographic systems involving microbial growth, it is recommended to use 0.2-micron sample filter (Quzhou Laiping Technological Supply). Should). For the hard-to-treat turbid solution, a 1-5um sample filter (supplied by Quzhou Laiping Technology) can be used for pre-filtration, and then a corresponding filter membrane for continuous filtration.

3. Characteristics of the sample:

1) hydrophilic sample: hydrophilic membrane was selected. It has affinity for water and is suitable for filtrating water as a matrix solution. Available filter membranes are: mixed cellulose esters, polyethersulfone (PEs), Nylon and so on.

2) Strong corrosive organic solvents: hydrophobic membranes are generally used. Sample filters made of PTFE, PP and other materials (Quzhou Laiping Technology Supply).

3) Protein solution: Select sample filters with low protein adsorption (supplied by Quzhou Laiping Technology), such as polyvinylidene fluoride film (PVDF).

4) Ion chromatography: It is generally believed that polyethersulfone (PEs) sample filters (Quzhou Laiping Technology Supply) are more suitable for the filtration of solutions with low inorganic ions.

4. When choosing sample filters (Quzhou Laiping Technological Supply), in addition to the above factors, we should also consider the sample size (i.e. what size of sample filters (Quzhou Laiping Technological Supply). Usually when the sample size is less than 2 ml, we should choose a 4 mm diameter micro-filter. When the sample size is between 2 and 10 ml, a filter with a diameter of 13 mm is selected; when the sample size is more than 10 ml, a filter with a diameter of 25 mm is selected.

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