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New Product - 9mm Magnetic Short Thread Closures.
- Mar 23, 2016 -

Autosamplers transporting vials using a magnet require sample vials with magnetic closures. Amongst these are the CTC GC PAL instrument as well as similarly constructed instruments of Gerstel, Agilent and Shimadzu, etc. and the TriPlus Autosampler of Thermo Scientific.

For sample volumes up to 2ml mainly Crimp Neck Vials with magnetic Crimp Closures have been used. However, due to the hard metal of the caps these were not easy to crimp and to decap. Connected to that is the risk of incorrectly crimped vials which means in case of overcrimped vials the dropping of the vials from the magnet due to the bulge of the cap and in case of a too loose crimp leakage and thus non-reproducible analysis results. The newly developed Short Thread Seals with assembled magnetic cap represent a more convenient and easier to open respectively to seal alternative. The ready-to-use closure with Silicone/PTFE septa excludes all risks associated with an incorrect crimp and thus is safer and more comfortable in handling. It has been tested by CTC Analytics with regard to magnetic force, penetration and purity and has been officallly released for use on their instrument.


Best regards,

ALWSCI team.