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Do Fruits And Vegetables Contain Anti-cancer Compounds?
- Jan 11, 2019 -

The Department of Food Science at the University of Massachusetts is doing groundbreaking work to understand anti-cancer compounds and how we can proactively use them in food supplies.

During the studying, Ph.D. students Amadeus Driando Ahnan and Yukun Sun found in both extractable and non-extractable forms, polyphenols are micronutrient in fruits and vegetables that can prevent inflammation that can cause colon cancer.

Like above studying, scientist widely known and apply LC-MS to analyze the fruits, vegetables, and other natural products.

For LC-MS applications with sample concentration of ≤2 ng/mL, LC MS ultra clean vials are the best choice for scientists, combining neutral glass for low adsorption of small molecules with very few background masses detected by MS. Each vial is performance tested and validated using ACQUITY UPLC-MS/MS.

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