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ALWSCI New Arrival Helps You Expand Your Business Range
- Jan 07, 2019 -

Alwsci is a leading company specialized in manufacturing and selling wide range of autosampler vial, sample vial, EPA/TOC vial, caps and septa, syringe filter, membrane filter and etc around the world.

Our R&D department is always keeping up with the times, and continuously research the new products and improve the production line.

At the beginning of New Year 2019, we bring three new products as following:

1. 10-425 Autosampler vial&Closure Kit Packaging

Specification: 2ml 10-425 12*32mm Clear Or Amber Vial,

Black 10-425 Screw Cap with Red PTFE/White Silicone Septa 1.0mm Thick. Kit Packing.  

Features & Benefits: 

·Provide an increased target area for easier sample preparation and to reduce the chance of bent or broken needles during sampling.

·Clear, Type 1 Class A or Amber, Type 1 Class B borosilicate glass.

·Compatible with Agilent, Waters and other autosamplers.





2. 1.1mL High Recovery Vial

Specification: 1.1mL, 12x32mm, 9-425 Screw Thread, Clear or Amber high recovery vial

Features & Benefits:

·Microsampling vials allow for max sample extraction without separate inserts

·High recovery vials combine large sample capacities with near full sample extraction

·Excellent for Compound Storage

·Smoothly sloped inner conical surface ensures a high level of solid quid recovery.




3. 47mm Gridded MCE membrane filter

Specification: 47mm Mixed Cellulose Esters (MCE) Gridded white filter 0.22um&0.45um.

Features & Benefits:

·Ideal for capturing and culturing microorganisms in the Water and wastewater industry.

·Used to determine particulate contamination of lubricating oil and hydraulic fluid in patch test kits

·Available in pore sizes 0.22um and 0.45um, colored black, with a gridded surface

·Compatible with gamma irradiation