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2019, ALWSCI Is Coming!
- Dec 29, 2018 -

Often have such a situation: as the science and technology open up new roads, sometimes not the scientific community's well-known figures, but the scientific community without well-known figures, ordinary people, practitioners, innovator. -- Stalin

The build of science world certainly thanks to professors, scientists, but also the workers, suppliers of laboratory equipments and consumables. It is a noble business and ALWSCI is grateful but proud about the fact that we have taken a small part in this business.

Out of respect to Science and Medicine, ALWSCI have and will take extra strict quality control, and provide best HPLC vials, GC vials, sample vials, storage vials and caps, as well as syringe filters.

To meet the special requests from the fast developing science world, we have developed hundreds of new products every year, especially in 2018. Our marketing team and R&D team keep eyes closely on the science development, and have developed certified TOC vials, GC/MS vials, LC/MS vials, new syringe filters, grid MCE membranes, and etc.


    PTFE/butyl septa with texture



           certified EPA/TOC vial

certified LC/MS vial


grid MCE membrane

With great effort of our manufacturing department, our QC, our technique team and our thoughtful sales team, we are ready for the competitive science world. 2019, we are coming!