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10 Ways To Break Your LC-MS
- Sep 19, 2018 -

If there’s one mantra that’s essential for an LC (or GC)–MS operator it’s “contamination, contamination, contamination”. Keep contamination to a minimum and you’ll enjoy a reliable instrument; don’t take the necessary precautions and instead you’ll enjoy reaching for the vent switch and purchasing lots of spares. Pay attention to below ten ways to breaks your LC-MS.


1) Not using a divert valve

2) Using involatile buffers

3) Using too high a flow rate

4) Too high a sample concentration

5) Venting too frequently

6) Not checking your rotary pump oil

7) Running with a leak

8) Not re-assembling correctly

9) Running the source at too low a temperature

10) Not running full scan during development

*Above information is excerpt from website


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