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ALWSCI is a global supplier of analytical field and lab supplies with high quality, good service and favorable price.

We have wide customers including pharmaceutical, life science, chemistry, technology, food processing industry and so on. Others like college, research institution, government, environment test institution, etc.

ALWSCI Group have two famous brands, ALWSCI and Labfil.

Brand ALWSCI is focus on Chromatography Vial, Closures and Sample Storage.

Brand Labfil is focus on Filtration, including Membrane, and Syringe Filters (sterile or non-sterile).


Main products:

1. Analysis: Autosampler Vials & Closures.

2. Storage: Sample Vials & Closures.


Main products:

Filtration: Membrane, Syringe Filters, and etc.

In ALWSCI, you can find what you want!

Hopefully, you will find the information about the company, not only informative, but interesting.

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Jeff Zhu